By the old stone

By the old stone

Autor: Mihaela Benghea



And then I saw the clear sky fading away,

I wish I could see you once again, but as the darkness came,

You went away. Once more you leave me by the old stone from the cemetery

As I am crying for you and nobody comes to save me.


I try to follow your footsteps but you are impossible to catch

I left my breath. I left if by the old stone from the cemetery, just for you

So you can breathe once more for me.

And I completed the night, the day came by


I stayed at the old stone from the cemetery to forget

But tears are all to remember

And then the icy touch invaded my heart

And milions of crystals bursted on my skin, pinching every part, flashing pain


My skin felt ice, my skin felt sweetness

My skin felt joy, my skin felt fire

Just like I wanted, just like I saw

By the old stone in the cemetery, a while ago.

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