The joker

nscrisa lege a vietii de eugenia grobnic

The joker

Autor: Mihaela Benghea


What knowledge comes in your mind and keeps it in  the soul

That now you doubt every aspect that you may have known?

What feeling should replace that uncertainty

That a while ago was clear?


Should you ignore everything and become numb?

And then answer a few questions that just come up?

One must stay silent, listen, and write if it must.

But be careful, do not step on the broken glass.


Perhaps the etiquette bothered, maybe, not

Join the crazy club and move on

We were all crazy, irrefutably

And as much as you think everything seemed normal

Even the Joker had his sanity for a moment.


And then I ask what is right and what is wrong?

Why are there questions when there must be non?

Why do we have so many thoughts and words?

Keeping us steady, keeping us healthy

Keeping us safe, but not that safe


Do I feel loaded with everything I said before?

Or do I need to feel like that to learn more?

Too many questions, and still did not get the answers.

Thus, it turns out to the one I should have asked before?

Am I the Joker?

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