Foreword*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying

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Sometimes Elephants Are Flying*Mihaela CD

by Victor Manole

In full affirmation and artistic evolution, the writer Mihaela CD is
a Romanian voice of today. A person with a sensitive way of feeling,
she is transmitting to the reader a mysterious vibration of space and the
present moment for the future.
The writer is a person of longing and love, breathes through writing
and puts on the white paper the most precious words hoping that in the
future these words will take root, stems with flowers, longing leaves of
love of nation, homeland, and language.
The talent and the inspiration of the writer Mihaela CD will bear fruit
through quality writings. The writer Mihaela CD knows how to write,
knows how to stir, to feel, to think, she is wonderful person. Reading and
analyzing her writing in all the hypostases, we notice they represent the
emblem of a fighter and winner. Her words come sometimes from a spark,
sometimes from longing, from tears for her father and from the warmth of
love for her daughter, for the world of today and tomorrow, and whoever
wants to discover the writer Mihaela CD will discover himself.
The writer Mihaela CD is a strong and sensitive woman who captures
people in the wonderful universe of her writings, which are all literary
pearls of great accuracy. Whoever does not believe me, will read her
exceptional books full of nobility and emotion.
Mihaela CD is a writer of truth that includes talent and grace, as a
vital necessity, as the air, together with the most valuable contemporary
writers, who puts a lot of passion in everything she does and knows
how to fully spread the warmth of the soul through lived words, which
become a balm on the wounds of life. She softens her pen in ink with
aromas of her soul, which she then places in poems and aphorisms.
Distinguished writer and poet, Mihaela CD is a burning spark on the
altar of immortal creation and a person of a very rare modesty of an
intelligent human being. She is the founder of the magazine Poems for
My Soul which is a magazine of literature, art, and culture, a member
of TWUC “The Writers’ Union of Canada” and member of the mondial
union of poets, the “World Poets Association”.

The author’s creation sings and delights us, it stirs us like a storm,
and leaves to eternity an incomparable testament, beyond all the
whims of times, because poets and writers never die, they are birds
with unbreakable wings, because poets and writers are the revelation of
human being through humanity and plurivalence, because they transmit
a certain joy that you will not find elsewhere.
The writer comes in the front of the reader with a new book, Sometimes
Elephants Are Flying, in which she presents an extraordinary collection
of reflections and motivational statements in the form of aphorisms,
addressed to all those who believe in their dreams, urging them to be
strong and kind.
The Canadian writer of Romanian origin, through the prism of her
own life’s experiences, is convinced that nothing is impossible if you
genuinely want it. Any dream in life can become a reality when you feel
and yearn to realize it, to fulfill it.
The book Sometimes Elephants Are Flying is dedicated with infinite
love to her daughter, Larisa, as a dialogue between mother and her dear
child, who, in turn, has become a model of perseverance and a source
of inspiration for the writer, publishing in the pages of this special and
captivating book also two pictures of the child, current doctor. At the
same time, the writer Mihaela CD addresses with great warmth to each
reader, with respect and appreciation for the present and the future.
Her sensitive aphorisms perpetuate and ennoble her through the word.
In her writings, I discovered the strength and the purpose reflected in all
the chapters. To me, the writer remains a revelation, a joy and a prolific
and impressive surprise.
The book Sometimes Elephants Are Flying has reflective-meditative
valences and I think that this book opens, wide and sincerely, a window
to the world, to life !The content of the book itself will play a role in
people’s lives and the coexistence of people as it values human existence
for the present and the future.

Victor Manole
Romanian Writers League

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