Martin LANGFORD  AUSTRALIAN POEMS / POEME AUSTRALIENE   (Traducere în limba română de George ROCA)   THE DRINKERS Keats would go. And Brahms. And Paul Cezanne. Of all the improbable freaks that the coupling of species long dead had thrown up. The three of them drove down at least once a month – hours out … Continuă lectura Martin LANGFORD-AUSTRALIAN POEMS / POEME AUSTRALIENE

The Fire  Within Us -afterword

The Fire  Within Us  AfterwordIn this abstract world, it is a bravery to make a painting or dream poems, to write them with emotion, fear, and courage. With the dream emotion, with the fear of not being understood and with the courage to take responsibility. Beauty is everywhere, and we have the power to spread … Continuă lectura The Fire  Within Us -afterword

THE FIRE WITHIN US” just arrived home!

Dear friends, My new book'' THE FIRE WITHIN US'' just arrived home! Freshly released ''The fire within us'' is the translation and adaptation ( in English language) of the book Focul din Noi (written in Romanian language). The paintings in the book are the work of my very talented friend, the artist Mircea Rustiuc. This … Continuă lectura THE FIRE WITHIN US” just arrived home!

In curand cartea FIRE WITHIN US!

  Dragi cititori  IN CURAND La Editura Globart Universum din Montreal, Canada  va fi publicat volumul  THE FIRE WITHIN US, o traducere in engleza si adaptare  a volumului Focul din Noi in limba romana, aparut la editura  Celestium din Romania si Globart Universum Canada  in primavara anului 2020. Acest nou volum de poezii pentru suflet … Continuă lectura In curand cartea FIRE WITHIN US!


When…  Author: Thandafir Sîmpetru Translated by Trandafir Sîmpetru Beloved, whenyou’re coming trembling while you’re approaching me with the nightingale smile with the fear of the lightning from the heights, when you’re stepping in my dreams on your knees, when you’re begging and pleading, whilemy indifference is broken towards the walls, whenyour illusion is gone, whenyour … Continuă lectura When…

Psychoanalysis Takes Revenge on the World

Psychoanalysis Takes Revenge on the World   Author Dr. Marian P. Belciug   When Psychanalysis reached the age of discretion, the world couldn’t find anyone free from inner conflicts and courageous to sponsor her to church to be confirmed and, thus, accepted to the body of humanity whose wisdom is publicly affirmed.   Stricken with … Continuă lectura Psychoanalysis Takes Revenge on the World


              NOWHERE YOU HAVE GONE   Autor: GORDANA SARIĆ,  professor and poet MONTENEGRO   Nowhere have you didn' t go/ you are with me as before, / only from of the space of the eye / you moved into my breasts.   You're here as the blessing, my sleeping … Continuă lectura NOWHERE YOU HAVE GONE


  YOUR LIPS   Autor: GORDANA SARIĆ,  professor and poet MONTENEGRO   Like a butterfly, your lips landed on my palm and lush tenderness is spilled, sings day in me.   It flashes and lights up my lonely soul, the heart gets strong wings wrapped in a flicker.   And happiness like a bird flutters … Continuă lectura YOUR LIPS


  I' VE BEEN MISSING YOU   Autor: GORDANA SARIĆ,  professor and poet MONTENEGRO   I've been missing you, my everlasting longing, and tender nights on your chest, when we wove threads of insomnia, while serenity knitted in our eyes.   I embrace your absence with all my being, longing for the words you warmed … Continuă lectura I’ VE BEEN MISSING YOU


  THERE IS NO US ANY MORE   Autor: GORDANA SARIĆ,  professor and poet MONTENEGRO   Behind your stubborn and silent speechlessness, The silence that separates us immeasurably Your gaze still shines in my eye And a warm thought unites me with you.   The empty hands are still looking for you My smile awakens … Continuă lectura THERE IS NO US ANY MORE

Meeting In A Kiss

    Autor: GORDANA SARIĆ,  professor and poet MONTENEGRO     Meeting In A Kiss   Insensibly you entered my life, coloured it with enchanting shades of the universe, covered it with a purple silk veil, filled my soul with the flicker of a butterfly.   You gave me a dress embroidered with stars, the … Continuă lectura Meeting In A Kiss


Signs  Author: Trandafir Sîmpetru Translated by Trandafir Sîmpetru For you, my beloved, one blank page has remained, like a boundless desert where tropical winds write its own signs, not being able to comprehend howwe are fleeing away from the suffering, how we are looking for the momentum without its contour, shapelessly while on the edge … Continuă lectura Signs

I Am Telling You…

I Am Telling You…  Author: Trandafir Sîmpetru Translated by Trandafir Sîmpetru Honey, I am telling you, My days are wasted on the roads, I have been looking for you among words, the solstice comes and spreads out its snows between our loves… And you…. You keep waiting for me… But I am not coming back… … Continuă lectura I Am Telling You…

Foreword*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying

Foreword Sometimes Elephants Are Flying*Mihaela CD by Victor Manole In full affirmation and artistic evolution, the writer Mihaela CD isa Romanian voice of today. A person with a sensitive way of feeling,she is transmitting to the reader a mysterious vibration of space and thepresent moment for the future.The writer is a person of longing and … Continuă lectura Foreword*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying

Anchoring to Love*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying

Anchoring to Love  by Lacrimioara Iva  Preface  -Sometimes Elephants Are Flying *Mihaela CD My attention was caught from the first page to the last. The aphorisms,the illustrations are wonderful, they offer the picturesqueness that the eyesand the soul need to charge positively, so I can strongly say that SometimesElephants Are Flying will be a jewel … Continuă lectura Anchoring to Love*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying

Showcase of my soul/Vitrina sufletului meu

Showcase of my soul Author: Mihaela CD  Translated by  Iuliana Pasca . I was meant to write With longing, love, and faith To cry and laugh in golden verse Joys, pains, or helplessness . I condone the burning feelings That run galloping to be written I put blush on the front pages So the pure … Continuă lectura Showcase of my soul/Vitrina sufletului meu

The echo of the last kiss/Ecoul ultimului sarut

The echo of the last kiss Autor: Mihaela CD  Traducere de Iuliana Pasca . I line the petals of the last kiss And I make a necklace in style… With the scented drops it appears On my lips, an adventurous smile . I close my eyes, immersed in moonlight Listening to the song of reviving … Continuă lectura The echo of the last kiss/Ecoul ultimului sarut