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Born to be someone(else) by Mihaela CD

Despite the restrictions, the poet Mihaela CD overcame all obstacles and realized her dreams through hard work, creating a world of metaphor and boundless sensitivity. This book “Born to be someone (else)” is written with tears of joy, as well as her other books which she has written so far, which I have had the honor to review, and which are all literary gems because they come from her pure soul, being written with emotion, and containing positive messages of hope and love for people.

In an increasingly troubled world that becomes more and more discordant, where the whole of humanity is persecuted and confused, the writer Mihaela CD soaks her pen in the ink of the soul and brings hope to the hearts of the readers, through beautiful lines that are full of happiness and love.



Mihaela CD represents an ideal person, poet and writer who is sincere, natural, and real, her written words being levers of her wonderful soul which are directed toward the reader through the creative approach.

The evocative force of this book is closely related to the poetic grace of Mihaela CD, with modesty, dedication, and light; in the same context as the intellectual generosity rarely found among today’s poets and writers.

We will never know who decided to bring us into existence and to let us meet wonderful people at a certain time in our lives. Because nothing is accidental, the author Mihaela CD embodies goodness and beauty through real deeds and shares beautiful feelings with others, through her word that must be sent and passed on to future generations.


The poet Mihaela CD starts the book “Born to be someone (else)” with her aphorism: “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, you know it best” and with a superb motto belonging to the poet Ion Minulescu: “What I once was, today I am no longer… / And I am sorry for what I am today/ For I could not always be / The same singer with the face of a Saint…”

In the words of the editor, the journalist and senior editor, Johnny Ciatlos Deak invites us to delve into the wonderful secrets of this book that will help us discover ourselves and give us the strength and courage to change.

Mihaela CD’s book “Born to be someone (else)” contains 17 chapters. The reflections, poems, and motivational statements in this book are all written in Romanian and English, and each aphorism or poem is accompanied by well-chosen significant images, which amplify the expression and meaning of the written words.


In the first chapter called “You exist” the writer feels her existence that she lives in full, and she feels alive, the poet considers herself lucky to have been born, and for the parents who gave her life, her child’s smile becomes a miracle.

It does not matter where someone was born, it is important to be, to live, to exist, even if this decision belongs to someone else, every person must seek their purpose on earth.

By the fact that she exists, the poet and the writer Mihaela CD, with an open, bright, and unselfish personality, represents a miracle of life, giving meaning and joy to the places where she lives and to the people that she has close. “I came to give joy especially/ And to name the desert words… In the land where many flocks graze/ And where rivers really sing// There in that ancestral cradle I was lucky to see my first moon… Wonder boils in my soul/ When the lyrics grow inside me.” (I was wondering what its purpose is)


For the poet Mihaela CD “The most beautiful gift that God has given you is life” because the soulless man is like a bowless violin, and it is true that only God has the right to take your life. The poet Mihaela CD explains very nicely that, as a human being, you breathe, you live, you smile and so, you exist, and this is what one calls good luck.

In the second chapter, “Why?”, the writer Mihaela CD puts us in front of multiple questions with a philosophical touch: “Why me? / Why here? / Why now? / Why so?”. If you have been given the chance to exist, you must carry out your life with a specific purpose, that is, to have a well-defined purpose and role on earth both for yourself as a person and for other people; to do good, to show kindness, and to be a miracle to those around you.

Let us not be worthless characters but let us leave something useful, concrete, plausible and pertinent to the generations to come. Let us give without asking for anything in return, let us be good and let the goodness we give today multiply tomorrow and the day after tomorrow because life must continue. “For our unique role on Earth/ We are given a precise purpose” … “We have a goal that we do not know at all / And we are looking for it all the way!” (Questions)



In the third chapter, the writer asks us another philosophical question: “Who are you?”. We will find the answer to this question in a multitude of aphorisms that request self-knowledge and analysis. You are a combination of the way you manifest in your life, with your thinking, logic, character, and temperament, you are a human being, an entity in a society in which you interact with others, but it depends on your ability to exercise, and on the status of your functional capacity as an individual and on how you relate to those around you at the level of macrocosm and microcosm. You are special, you are a unique entity among people, do not lie, do not imitate, find your purpose on earth. “Be authentic and original! / Do not try to copy anyone/ Find your own identity! / Get inspired, but don’t imitate! Copies are always considered fake/ And the original has value!”. Be yourself always because you are the sum of your values. People must have character, be authentic, and have their own identity because only they know what they can and how much they can. “Don’t let others tell you who you are, discover it yourself! The secret is in you, you just have to find it!”, because “Nobody knows you the way you know yourself”.


In chapter four, the writer Mihaela CD invites us to ask ourselves a new question: “What do you want?”. To know what you truly want, you must think logically and rationally about what skills you need to develop in the field you want to approach, to become a professional because that’s the only way to become truly happy. Your wealth as a human being is the life of your soul and your heart; with them, you have the freedom to manifest and build your future. A truly happy person must not be greedy, envious, and hateful, for if one nurtures these negative feelings, then one cannot be led to happiness. Positive thinking, work and altruism ennoble us and, to get where you want, you must have the courage to take risks, and the writer Mihaela CD explains this very clearly in her aphorism: “Take a chance and try! / Fly to new heights! / It’s your chance to happiness!”.


In chapter five, the writer Mihaela CD invites us to find out what “Time” is. Life is short, but it is valuable because every moment is unique and irreversible, and the distance from birth to death is unknown. You can’t let time pass by at random, you must give a sense to your time, to make it work and pass in your favor, to use it to help you in becoming better, because if one lets time pass without educating oneself, without learning something, then one only wastes time. From birth, we go hand in hand with the time that flows like the sand in the hourglass, and as time passes, it will write our story in the book of life. “Who measures the time you have left? / Who spins the wheel of life so hard? / You are at the beginning or at the end, you have no clue / You can’t buy the elixir of youth” (Time)

Our presence in time and space differs from individual to individual and is given by the good God who gives to each one their own time, which has one direction: ahead, being an irreversible reaction for the dying. “Life has only one direction! Straight ahead!”, because as she describes in another aphorism: “The rich think they can buy anything / with their money! / In reality they can / buy beauty and wealth / but they can’t buy exactly / what is more important: / time, love and health!”.


In chapter six, the writer Mihaela CD invites us to read about “The desire to change yourself” and to find out that we may not be on the right track: “Sometimes we are on the wrong path, but our chance lies precisely in our ability to realize that we are not on the path that makes us happy!”.

You must always want to change for the better, but for that, you must have the strength to change so that you are happy with the change you have made. “You’ve taken the wrong path / And your life has no direction/ Would you like to know how you stepped in / And how you got in the opposite direction?” … “But your heart is pounding / For you are fiercely consumed by doubts” (The desire for change)

It is important to be able to self-analyze, think, and act because your dreams without determined support remain only dreams. The mistakes of life, cost, and only the good deeds remain: “You can hide your mistakes from others but never from yourself” and that’s why the writer urges us to: “Do only good deeds so that you have nothing to regret”. That’s why the writer tells us to weigh well: “What do you have to lose? / What do you have to gain? / Balance and weigh well what you are now and what you think will make you truly happy”.


In chapter seven, “No one”, the author of “Born to be someone (else)” encourages the reader to trust their feelings without regard to the opinions of others, because: “No one is crying or laughing in your place”, “No one takes the slaps of life in your place”, and of course “No one can live your life in your place”. Only you and the good God know what you feel, for He is the one who accompanies you on the path of life and the one who gave you your life: “Nobody knows how you feel / Only you and the good God / Nobody wears your shoes / You are beaten by the sadness wind” (Nobody)

You are the only one who will be directly responsible for your life, for what you do, for who you are, because no one can think in your place, so trust yourself, have courage and move forward! “Don’t look back! The future is ahead!”

In chapter eight, called “Happiness”, the author Mihaela CD invites us, through some initial questions, to think about the secrets of happiness: what it is, where we find it and how do we know when we find it. The answers to these questions also come through self-analysis and self-knowledge, for, as the author says, “You carry the secret of happiness in your soul”. Happiness is acquired with your heart and soul through your way of thinking, through the way you like to live your life, and through your way of being. Love and happiness illuminate your life and make your soul and heart vibrate if there is peace and light around you.


The author explains very well how the same word “Happiness” can mean something different for different persons: “For a parent, happiness means his child’s heartbeat”, “For a child, happiness means the protective embrace of a parent”. Happiness can be expressed in various ways: “Happiness is the dew on the petals of a rose that was given to you by a loved one”, “Happiness means sun in the soul on a rainy day”.

Happiness is a lantern of peace, of love, it is nature, flower, rich harvest, warm bread, love of family, contentment, and reconciliation. “A waltz of joy dances / A living heart and a wandering soul / And in the air the stars vibrate / Lighting up the happiness lantern” (Happiness, the waltz of joy)

In the ninth chapter, “The Fight”, the writer invites us to believe in our dreams and to fight for their fulfilment: “Fight for your dreams, no one will do it for you!” because the first condition to win is to participate, that’s why “Only those who enter the battle, win!”.

Love your own life so that it will love you back, have the courage to fly toward new heights, risk, fight, and win! Your struggle with life should be based on the principles of love and peace.

Life is a continuous struggle and especially: “Life is a constant struggle, first and foremost with yourself!”. That is why the author says, using wonderful lyrics: “Life is a struggle and yet we take risks / We sort, we pick, we cry, we sing / Only those who enter the battle, win / You wonder if your shirt will be torn.” (The fight with yourself) and invites us to be brave through the exhortation: “Don’t be a spectator looking at your own life!” and “Love yourself even when you’re wrong”, because we all know that after bad weather, there comes the sun, it’s all about having patience and faith: “Every storm of life will pass at some point. Keep calm”.


In the tenth chapter, “Patience”, the author explains how important patience is because without it, you do nothing. Do not rush but take small steps like an ant, be persevering and ambitious and slowly you will get to where you want. “Patiently, what today is colored only in black and white in your life, tomorrow it could be brightly colored!”.

Your dreams will materialize if you have patience, so, train and educate yourself, because it is worth the effort; if you are persevering with a lot of patience and tenacity, you will reach performance! “Not the one who runs faster reaches the top, but the one who has ambition and perseverance and doses his effort well!”.

Impatience can be a great enemy, and you must temper your emotions, you must build brick by brick to have a solid construction. “Being patient does not mean counting all the trees in a forest but waiting for them to grow.”

The author exemplifies in beautiful lines what it means to have patience: “A plant, as small as it is, it will grow for you / If you take care of it and water it patiently / And, in time, it will reward you / Filling your cauldron with fruit! (Patience that crosses the sea)

In the eleventh chapter, “Wisdom”, the writer Mihaela CD explains that “Wisdom is acquired in time; from one’s own life experiences and from the experiences of others”, that’s why the author tells us: “Listen and remember”. “Listen to the advice of the elders because they have already gone through your struggle” and don’t talk when you shouldn’t, think first and don’t rush to throw words and then regret it. “Always analyze before taking a decision, not after!”, analyze with humanity the facts and things you have not seen, listen and do not go blindly to judge and give verdicts that you do not control. Don’t give your opinion on everything, sit back, and analyze, listen patiently, try to understand, and then draw conclusions. “Don’t violate your moral values ​​for a momentary satisfaction!”.


For a child, to have nobility and humanity later in life, all values ​​must be transmitted in time, from an early age because they are vital for good thinking development. “Life experiences lead you / Towards the birth of pure values ​​/ And they will give you wisdom in your mind / Erasing your unclean dreams” (Your wisdom)

Without moral values ​​the soul remains empty, life experiences are also values ​​if they are gathered in a pure mind. Honor the lessons of life, and the stories with teachings from the elders, they will serve you later as a guide on the path of life. “The wise one never compromises his moral values ​​because he knows that once lost, the soul remains empty”.

In chapter twelve, called “Faith”, the author of the book „Born to be someone (else)”, reveals the fact that God created us for a reason, and we will find it out at the right time, and no matter what our purpose is, “our role on earth is to do good!”.


Look at the morning dew and the sun in the sky that rises for the living, and believe and feel God in your soul, because faith is the goodness in our blood and our body, and it is what will overcome all evil.

If people did not have a soul, they would be just living creatures, they would live without awareness, emotions, and feelings, but “The soul is your essence, discover your soul through faith!”. Faith is what saves our soul from hell, and “Regardless of your religion, believe in the divine power!” and “Even if you can’t stop all the evil in the world, at least don’t multiply it”, because we may not be responsible for the evil did by others, but we are responsible for our actions and if we have received an injustice, we should offer goodness in return, as a lesson of love: “Good is rewarded with good and to evil, one should answer with good as well, because it is the only way to educate and change mentality!”.

It is important to spread beauty, kindness, and love around us, because “God created flowers to make people happy” and we should help the one in need, not for a reward, but for our soul. “A hand that you give when needed is a gift that you give to your soul and not to the other!”


The divine power is like a heart, we cannot give it up, but we can help, give, forgive, and love because it is in our power and will to do good deeds that honor us and even define us all: “Share only goodness around you/ That’s how you can do well on earth/ Believe in Him and believe in you/ Because only goodness is holy!” (Faith in goodness)

In the thirteenth chapter, the author Mihaela CD tells us about “The Power of Love” which is immense, a real panacea “Love overcomes distance and crosses oceans” so “Never underestimate the power and the strength of love!”

Love has a healing role; it is the magic key that opens frozen hearts. “Love is the magic key in everything/ It can unlock any padlocks/ It knows how to open them right away/ And it succeeds even in the darkness”. (The power of love)

Love overcomes evil and creates balance, beauty, goodness, and hope because love attracts trust, peace, and tranquility and soothes the wounds of the soul created in time. “The power of love destroys all barriers!” … “The power of love heals the wounds of the soul” … “The power of love ennobles!”


In the fourteenth chapter, entitled “Miracles”, we learn that our very existence on earth is a miracle. “You are a miracle, you!” , that is, to see life as a miracle because the author also tells us that “Man has a miraculous inner strength that he discovers only at the right time” because in life we ​​are faced with situations that sometimes seem hopeless and after a time we realize that we have done the miracle, we have made the change, with the right thought, with love, with ambition, with perseverance, with faith! Thus, the author Mihaela CD links in this chapter, in an extraordinary intertwining, all the lessons from the other chapters that come to emphasize and strengthen the power of change that we have in us “Anything is possible if you really want to! / The choices are yours and you decide what you really want” … “The important thing is to make the right decision, not to rush and not to give up!”.

All these virtues were in us and there had to come a time when we dared to take a step to solve a problem, then we found out that we were capable of something we would have never believed but because we were facing a hopeless situation, we tried and found out that we had this magical and unique secret inside our soul. “Changes of thought seduce you / And every day in your heart / You feel the trills of miracles / But you did not think it would show up” (The miracle is in you)


In chapter fifteen, “Change yourself”, we are told how to change, as the title suggests. In this chapter, author Mihaela CD emphasizes and strengthens that it is important to have courage “Have the courage and change yourself”, because you are the only one who knows what you carry in your soul and what you want and if you are doing something that you do not like, then you should have the courage to change that. “Do you feel that the positive things you’ve wanted are happening to you?”. You’ve tried, you’ve weighted and now you know which way you want to take, a way you did not take until now because you lacked the courage: “Have you ever wanted to change your profession or maybe you wanted to change your job?”, “Did you want to be SOMEONE ELSE?”. The author tells us that “It’s time to try what you like.”.

It’s never too late to do what you love, you have only one life and you should live it with passion, don’t hate your life because you do a job you don’t like, “It’s time to decide what you like / And to work with passion / For it is a great thing today to follow / Your calling which is your mission!” (The courage to change)

There are always opportunities in life, but you must see them and catch them when they appear: “The ship of life full of opportunities stops in many ports, it’s up to you if you want to embark”.


In chapter sixteen, called “Someone else”, we find out that everything in life is balanced and thought out as the work of acrobats on the wire. We are not born knowing how to walk, but we learn as we grow. The author says exactly that: “One learns how to walk on high heels, no one is born knowing it!” because you are fully satisfied when you succeed by yourself, so do as the author says: “Allow yourself to be happy!”.

No matter how much you deny that you are unhappy, you can fool anyone, but you cannot fool yourself and, sooner or later, you may suffer because: “Every person sees things through their own eyes, in their own way, but the truth is just one!”.

Believe in yourself and your strength, dare to smile often because “The smiles you give to others will be reflected in your eyes and soul. Smile as often as possible!” and use all the gifts that nature has endowed you with, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by evil, envy, enemies because: “Each person has their own star, they just have to believe in it and let it shine!”



In the seventeenth chapter “You are someone” which is the last chapter of this wonderful book of aphorisms “Born to be someone (else)”, the author concludes: “You succeeded! / You have found your purpose! Enjoy the new “YOU”, foor, as Mihaela CD says, “Your happiness has the shape of your heart”, because everything you have gathered in your soul, represents you. “The values ​​and qualities you have, give the beauty of your soul” and “The scene of life belongs to you! Congratulations! Be happy!”. Life’s scene is full of flowers now but the road to success is not always full of flowers, “It wasn’t easy at all, but you walked / Among the chestnut trees of brownish life” (You are someone).

God gave the poet Mihaela CD the grace, the chance to tenderly whisper to us. Her values and qualities as a writer beautify her soul and the words that come from her heart seem to be flying: “Stars staring at me from the sky / And at night I wake up without asking / Words lined up on a string / Come out of my heart and seem to fly” for the Universe has fixed her destiny: “I feel joy and bitterness alike / And the rudder of my life is drifting / For the Universe has fixed my destiny / That caresses my sigh and wormwood” because this is her purpose: “In vain I was trying to oppose / This is my purpose from heaven above / Good words to share and, with them, / The wickedness of the world to divide” (Born to be someone else)


The book ends roundly, just as it began, with a quote from Ion Minulescu: “And today, if I am a face of a Saint, / That’s probably what God wanted me to be – / To always be different … And to always sing / About the one I used to be, but I am no longer…”

Mrs. Mihaela CD, the author of “Born to be someone (else)”, conveys through this wonderful book of aphorisms and lyrics a message of goodwill to all readers, a message to the purification of soul and goodness of life. The poet stirs feelings in the reader’s heart and invites the reader to self-analyze, think, and bring to light the truth of all human wealth.

The poet Mihaela CD will always be present in our hearts and in the hearts of readers for her writings full of love, because this very talented writer is a reality and will remain a reality in the consciousness of readers through quality and professionalism and her books are and will always be a treasure for any reader.

The book of aphorisms “Born to be someone (else)” presents reflections and aphorisms with sentimental value, with a strong motivational message, meant to give strong emotions through the combination with the presented images, by the representations of the ego of divine grace on a value scale raised by personalizing the style as an individual and specific expression of the writer, to be received by readers.


Each of our thoughts is information energy that takes shape through the word and forms an art, the art of writing and reading that frees the writer from the burden of thought. How beautiful it is that the poet Mihaela CD writes about love because love is essential in our lives, and I also plead for love as a divine form.

It is natural for people to write and build, but few people reach the center of the imagination where they find themselves in an intense literary activity such as that of the writer Mihaela CD, because it takes a lot of courage to create and you need to have a lot of will, love and trust in yourself and your high-quality writing, to do it with grace and professionalism, reflecting the soul through the word.

I breathe the inspirational pages of the book “Born to be someone (else)”, a book full of hope, and high aspirations, which ennobles the human being with soul dedication by perpetuating the virtues, a book distinguished by its content and its unique character.

In the book of aphorisms “Born to be someone (else)” by the author Mihaela CD, the dreams of an ocean of thoughts mix with the soul, with the heart, with the mind, raising solid bridges, with a bright meaning, between lovers of the word and word birthers.

I recommend to readers from all over the world this wonderful book of reflections, lyrics, and motivational statements, and I wish the poet Mihaela CD a lot of success with much respect and appreciation.

Prof. Victor Manole

Member of the League of Romanian Writers

Member of the World Poets Association

Member of the World Poets Association Romania

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