Anchoring to Love*Sometimes Elephants Are Flying


Anchoring to Love

 by Lacrimioara Iva 

Preface  -Sometimes Elephants Are Flying *Mihaela CD

My attention was caught from the first page to the last. The aphorisms,
the illustrations are wonderful, they offer the picturesqueness that the eyes
and the soul need to charge positively, so I can strongly say that Sometimes
Elephants Are Flying will be a jewel in the library of many readers in this
The guiding idea, the leitmotif of Mihaela CD’s aphorisms is positivity.
The author addresses various topics, such as courage, love, freedom,
difficulties, etc. Given the time we are going through, it is not always easy to
manage our lives while maintaining a positive way of acting and thinking.
Mihaela CD can manage her life, and her positive thinking certainly has
countless benefits on mind, body, and everyday reality. Obstacles cannot
crush her. Each obstacle falls in front of a firm goal.
“Believe in your dream and no matter how hard it is, never give up!”
Planning and imagining our future is not enough, we must be prepared
for what the universe has in store for us and not give up. The ones who
have a dream… are anchored to a star and do not change their minds. For
Mihaela CD, anchoring to a star means anchoring to love.
“Every person you meet, no matter how unbearable it may seem,
has something good inside. It’s up to you to find out what!”
People who offer a positive connotation to others, who see the positive
side of what surrounds them, or who refrain from criticizing others other
than in a constructive way, enjoy a healthy personality. Mihaela CD has
a healthy personality, she does not say harsh words, knowing that “they
hurt, hit like stones and leave traces.”
Is Mihaela CD happy?! Yes! She is happy because she loves everything
around her. “In life, everything starts from love! Love everything
around you to be happy!”
A woman’s strength comes from something that psychology cannot
explain. A woman can be sweet and tender, but that does not mean she
cannot be strong and brave at the same time. “The woman is the absolute
enigma: strong on the inside, weak on the outside, she fights in the
hardest moments and cries when she is the happiest.”

“The woman is like a melody. It delights your soul and heart when
it is sung by the right voice!”
Being a rich person can mean having a lot of material goods or money.
A person with this type of wealth could have a villa and a luxury car but
being rich can also mean having a rich personal experience.
What does wealth mean for Mihaela CD? “Family and friends are the
greatest gift you have ever received!” “Truly rich people are those who
have friends.”
For Mihaela CD, elegance is not just a matter of good taste, it is, firstly,
the natural and spontaneous expression of what is inside, it is about attitude.
Knowing how to choose is a matter of inner balance. “Elegance is an
attitude, not a coat!” Elegance is a way of thinking, acting, feeling life.
“You have only one life to live! Don’t waste it!”
Phrases, treatises, pages, thoughts, and aphorisms have been written
about life over the years. How much do we know? What is life? It remains
a mystery.
“Time is the money you spend without wanting it, day by day.” “Today’s
moment is the only real fortune, the rest is just a promise…” Yes! Every
moment must be lived with maximum intensity, the rest being just a promise.
What can you do when “worries set your heart on fire, kill your peace
and suffocate your imagination”?—“Get rid of stress. Take days off
without a phone, without the internet, recharge your batteries in nature!”
“Don’t let anger darken your day. Inhale fresh air and say: It will pass!”
The most striking thing is that, without really realizing it, we often
behave with ourselves, alternately, as friends-acquaintances-enemies.
“Your psyche is your most important friend! If it becomes your
enemy, the fight is very hard! Take care of your mental state!” “Be
strong as an elephant” Mihaela CD is the friend of her own psyche and
takes care of it, this is the reason why she is strong “as an elephant”
“Courage comes from your heart, but fear comes from your mind
and imagination. Don’t let fear dominate you!” Mihaela CD does not
allow her fear to dominate her. Courage comes from her heart, the heart of a
woman who has confidence in her instincts, instincts that carry her over the
“waves of life.”

When we accept ourselves, we become more tolerant of others. This
tolerance begins in the family and extends beyond the family. Diversity
makes us feel threatened, accepting diversity in others allows us to be
tolerant, opens the way to forgiveness, even forgiveness for ourselves.
“Learn to love yourself and accept yourself as you are! You are not
perfect!”, “Believe in yourself! You are your first supporter!”, “When
you are part of a group, behave like a teammate. Start together and go
together till the end!”
Life often makes us face situations in which, to get what we want, we must
fight. Fighting means not giving up and facing life with the right courage so
as not to be overwhelmed by fear. Mihaela CD fights for her happiness, but
also for the happiness of others. Not being overwhelmed by fear, she climbs
the stairs without counting them. “The air you breathe is free but don’t
assume that happiness comes for free too. You have to fight for it!”
Mihaela CD’s aphorisms come from her heart, the heart of a woman who
knows how to listen and of a poet for whom “The lyrics are the oxygen
bubbles through which the poet breathes.” “Writing comes from the
heart of the writer and not from his education.” “Learn to listen, if you
speak continuously you don’t have time to hear and learn anything.”
What are the little things in life, the ones that make the soul happy
and serene and make us love others? “A penny worked is worth more
than a hundred found!” “Surround yourself with successful people!
Success and enthusiasm are contagious!” “A hug or a simple I love
you can work wonders! We are created to feed on love!” “A child’s
smile for the mother can mean the Universe. For the rest it is just a
Appreciating ourselves as we are, without judging, is a strong message
of love. Mihaela CD motivates us to love our family, to orient ourselves
towards a passion, understood as a hobby, sport, work. It is important not
to give up, not to be influenced by the judgment of others. We must stand
firm, resist even when everything around us seems difficult. “You know
best who you are and what you can do, do not let others break your
Focusing on what we have, little or much, is already important, because…
we have it. “Learn to be thankful for everything you have, even if you
would like to have more. Thank for anything!” “The greatest fortune
in the world is your family and loved ones around you. The rest is
The word “opportunity” comes from the Latin word “ob portum,”
towards the port, which refers to an auspicious wind that allows ships to
enter the port safely. Opportunity is the good wind that blows our way, but
it is very important not to forget: “Your ship has only one captain: You!”
“Sometimes elephants are flying,” sometimes you have to exceed your
limits, but never let them overtake you! “Keep digging, you will still find
water in the end! And when you find water it won’t be a drop; will be
a whole fountain!”
Mihaela CD does not love half measures! Mihaela CD loves with all her
heart, she loves giving! Sometimes Elephants Are Flying is a special gift
for us, the readers.
Are you already thinking about changing your life and doing everything to
achieve your goal or are you looking for positive energy? The reflections and
motivational statements in this book will inspire you, motivate you correctly
and determine you to find the right spirit to live your life to the fullest.
“Each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream will learn to
fly.”—Jim Morrison.
Birds fly because they have wings! Sometimes the elephants also fly,
they fly because Mihaela CD has dreams!

Lăcrimioara Iva
member of the Romanian Writers’ Union.

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