THE FIRE WITHIN US” just arrived home!


Dear friends,

My new book” THE FIRE WITHIN US” just arrived home!

Freshly released ”The fire within us” is the translation and adaptation ( in English language) of the book Focul din Noi (written in Romanian language). The paintings in the book are the work of my very talented friend, the artist Mircea Rustiuc.


This is my second book written in English, the first one is ”Sometimes elepghants are flying” Special Thank’s to the entire team who have worked to this book .

All my books are available hereCOMANDA cartile autoarei Mihaela CD

Editor’s Note

After the successful debut with the poetry volume“Blessing and torment”, author Mihaela CD returns even more powerfully and surprises us in a relatively short time with the second volume of
poems, “The Fire Within Us”. This time as well, the author lives intensely through poetry. Strong
vibrations run beyond the written lines, touching a sensitive chord in the reader’s soul.
The extraordinary surprise of this poetry volume is the superb interweaving of the verse with
the painting. The poetry-painting collaboration between the author Mihaela CD and the artist
Mircea Ruştiuc was not accidental at all. Mihaela was impressed by the details and the beauty
of the paintings created by the artist and Mircea Ruştiuc was captivated by the sensitivity that runs
through Mihaela’s poems. “The Fire Within Us” combines feelings and burning desires of the soul, present in the creative process, both in literary creation, and the art of painting. Various feelings, such as joy, sadness, love, faith, hope, despair, peace, tranquillity, or inner storm of the soul parade before our eyes through the traces left by the enchanted pen of the author, but also through the rays of beauty and color that fl ood our soul, which was brought as a gift by the artist’s brush.
This wonderful book reveals the inner fi re present in the souls of the two creators of beauty.
I invite you, dear readers, to warm your souls up in this extraordinary creative fi re present in the
volume “The Fire Within Us”.


senior editor


Read the demo  here: 

The Fire Within Us – demo


Buy the book  here: 



THE FIRE WITHIN US -poetry from my soul to your souls has 240 pages, printed in colors. Beautiful paintings by talented artist Mircea Rustiuc are the inspiration source for Mihaela CD. Buy this gorgeous book for only 35$ CAD !

35,00 CAD


THE FIRE WITHIN US -poetry from my soul to your souls has 240 colorfull pages Beautiful paintings by talented artist Mircea Rustiuc are the inspiration source for Mihaela CD. Buy this gorgeous e-book for only 25$ CAD ! More econnomically, more echologically, more quicklly!

25,00 CAD

Uneori elefantii zboara/Sometimes elephants are flying *FORMAT TIPARIT (softcover)

Uneori elefanţii zboară a autoarei Mihaela CD este o culegere extraordinară de reflectii si enunturi motivationale, realizata in pagini color de inalta calitate, care se adresează tuturor celor care vor să creadă în visele lor! Pe parcursul celor 250 de pagini pline de culoare vei descoperi secrete ale succesului ca sa fii mai puternic si mai bun! Comandati acum la numai 45$. Livrare gratuita oriunde in lume!

45,00 CAD

COMANDA cartile autoarei Mihaela CD

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