Psychoanalysis Takes Revenge on the World


Psychoanalysis Takes Revenge on the World


Author Dr. Marian P. Belciug


When Psychanalysis reached the age of discretion,

the world couldn’t find anyone

free from inner conflicts and courageous

to sponsor her to church to be confirmed

and, thus, accepted to the body of humanity

whose wisdom is publicly affirmed.


Stricken with anger and desire for revenge,

Psychoanalysis traveled the earth with vengeance,

putting the worlds’ Unconscious to shame

for hiding—proclaimed with loud voice—

impulses, wishes, inner quarrel

that are colossally immoral.

Revealed to the world,

Oedipus Complex felt ashamed

and—smitten with self-hatred—

asked to be castrated.

Primary instincts turned pale,

unconscious conflicts poisoned themselves,

pleasures jumped from windows and died,

Id felt profoundly guilty and committed suicide.

Having no oxygen, anxiety suffocated,

neuroses felt redundant and got ill,

in the absence of an enemy to fight,

defense mechanisms deserted their post

in the daylight.

The need for control of instincts dissipated—

deprived of the role of control of Id’s instinctual impulses,

Ego evaporated.

Lacking psychic energy and a reality compass,

art could no longer impress,

science lost precision and started to guess.

Catharsis wrote the epilogue of events,

including her own decease,

the quest for self-knowledge ceased.


Taking advantage of the mental-emotional void,

Superego stepped boldly onto the stage

paying homage to radical ideologies

and the postmodern ideas of the world’s elite

whose moral reasoning never suffered defeat.

Superego spoke ill of truth, reasoning, logic,

and magnificently of lofty goals,

being superior in mind and soul,

conscience, which has never known misdeed,

and asked the world’s for permission to lead.

People applauded,

asked Superego to commence at once

for the world’s problems are extraordinary—

and very disreputable—

and require authority and solutions

that are indisputable.


From the strategic arsenal,

the inexorable Superego chose methods which, 

throughout history,

have upmost efficiency: simulacrum, cynicism, deception,

pinning the blame on others, falsehood, defamation.

Contempt for the law, denigration of traditions, conflict, violence

became part of everyday life,

attacks on moral values intensified,

hopelessness engulfed the world

and everything that was true died.

Earth now profoundly depressed and cried.


Having lost hope in self-healing,

Earth asked the dolphins to treat her.

Full of empathy for their lovely planet,

the dolphins declared to her: “we love you infinitely,

we adore you,

we love your wisdom and everything that is true,

our love for you is as big as the Universe

and—you must know—without your existence

the Universe itself would lose its fame

and have nothing uniquely beautiful to claim.”


Earth felt loved, was healed,

and decreed love the new law of the land and therapy,

swearing that no human being—

without excuse—

who cannot love and doesn’t love the truth

will ever be granted citizenship on earth,

or be acknowledged as a living entity

in the holy register of eternity.


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