VASILE BELE* Impressions: Born to be someone(else)



„I was born unintentionally, / Without asking anyone,for it / I came  to give joy / And to name the desert words.” (I was wondering what the purpose is, Mihaela CD)

Born to be someone (else) bilingual edition,comes to the hearts of the readers with Reflections, lyrics and motivational statements

Really a special book – very nicely designed and thought out, which will be of maximum interest, I say. Mihaela CD, the author ,does not deviate from the literary norms and surprises us again with this volume. The motto chosen to capture the reader’s attention  consists of  a few verses from Ion Minulescu, very nicely framed in context: „I’m not what I seem to be – I’m not / Nothing I would have wanted to be! … / But because I was born without knowing, / Or too soon, / Or maybe too late … / I resigned myself, like any good Christian / And all that’s left is … Who I am ”.

Poetry – springing from the depths of the soul. Poems written with a heart and a deep feeling. Poetry – which has its roots in the nobility of the soul. Poems and reflections.The author? Mihaela CD – a Romanian woman who left Romania  some time ago, living in Montreal, Canada, from where, constantly, she sends us chosen and wonderful bodies of thought. Surely this is not her first literary „feat”. She has an intense activity in this context. And it is confirmed by the voice of someone who has read and even made reviews or editorial signals to the volumes received from this part of the world. So, speaking of the Romanian, „I know what I’m talking about!”. I always found something new. I found beauty and joy. I found, in the volumes of Mihaela CD, sunrise and sunset. I found dew and tears. I found poems that convey a lot, that enter your soul, that upset you, in a natural way.Mihaela CD, is already established or known in the literary field. From this point of view, she is a fighter. She’s brave.


Throughout the 17 literary chapters , we meet the emotion and sensitivity, elegantly highlighted. Each chapter is distinct and has its own poetry. The reflections gathered and assumed in  the volume fit wonderfully with sobriety.

Having, in addition to the 17 chapters, a Word of the  editor, signed by Johnny Ciatloș-Deak, senior editor at Globart Universum Publishing House Montreal, member of the Union of Independent Journalists in Romania, a  Foreword signed by Prof Mrs. Aurelia Rînjea, and a  Preface signed by Mrs. Lăcrimioara Iva the volume is endorsed and assumed literary. I recommend this book. I support it. But most of all, I love the idea (reflection) that belongs to the author: “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. You know it best ”– from which comes the courage to look only ahead. It’s as if she wants to tell us, to advise us – to believe, first of all,  in ourselves. Let us be the ones who believe in our life, in our dreams, in our ideals, in our path. That’s right! And in order to be like that, you have to focus as much as possible, to see the full half of the glass, and, when you run into difficulties, not to let yourself down. Fight and you will win. Look at the clear sky and the cloudy part. After the rain, the sky is clear. Sometimes you go up. Sometimes you go down. Sometimes you fall. But always get up and move on – that’s the message.

„I exist because, He wanted me to be born, / I landed somewhere in the world, / In the land where many flocks graze / And where rivers really sing” (I was wondering what the purpose is, Mihaela CD) The message is essential.It tells us clearly – believe in yourself! You’re lucky,that you were born. The best in life, win. Always be good to always be a winner. Don’t succumb to temptations or hardships. Prove them! Take them with you! Allways try your best and always be a winner. Think freely and cleanly. Be aware that “No one was born because he wanted to! The decision to come into the world belongs to someone else! You are just LUCKY! ”, Confirms my faith and belief.



The rich literary experience I have had so far, entitles me to believe and say that Mihaela CD, is a fighter from the elite of the brave. She fell, but found the strength to get up. She got stuck and found the strength to get out. She got lost and found her way to the best path. Now, the author of Born to be Someone (else) is giving us a life lesson. A lesson on how to always  be victorious. Read the volume carefully and you will see that I am right.

I perfectly  agree to the book publisher, and I support him in his statement: “The Canadian writer, of Romanian origin, Mihaela CD, surprises us with each new book, in a pleasant way through new concepts and ideas that she promotes in her own writings. Being on the tenth personal book, the book „Born to be someone else” is the second of its kind (aphorisms), which gathers in it reflections, verses and motivational statements and addresses those who are looking for their purpose, being a book full of positivism and charisma ”. I also had the pleasure of reading the first volume to which the editor makes a beautiful and emotional reference. It is (also a bilingual Romanian-English edition): “Sometimes Elephants are Flying”, a volume included in our literary project – “Anthology of texts. Book reviews – personalities of contemporary literature. Sincerus verba ”, vol. III, a large and ambitious project that honors us.


The originality of the ideas is to be appreciated. The very conception of this volume surprises you pleasantly and makes you not leave the book from your hand, but follow the path of reading. That’s how I felt. And I don’t think I can be wrong. The notion of being is the essence. It is essential.Existentialist.Aphorisms have their extraordinary role. I would define (obviously a personal definition) the aphorism – a conclusion. It concentrates in their body, only the essence, and the author, Mihaela CD, knows how to make this an art. Word art. The word polished and given for teaching. Congratulations, dear friend. Questions and answers. Life itself. Hopes. Dreams. Thoughts. Plans. Projects. Serenity. „Why here? Why now? / How did you think, Lord? / Why so on this road, / How did you bring me in the fall? ” (Questions, Mihaela CD) And again questions: „Have you planted a flower or a tree in your life?”, Or „Did you give something without expecting anything in return?”.The answer? It’s up to each of us. It’s in us. We deserve a moment of sincerity.Out of respect.Where is the moment of kindness? Where is the moment of truth? Also in / with us! „What are you doing? Who are you? / What are you doing here in the world? / Because time is not your asset, / You are blindfolded waltzing in foams”(Who are you ?, Mihaela CD)

Please agree with me, because I agree the author Mihaela CD, who, in a reflection, states: “Don’t let others tell you who you are, find out for yourself! The secret is in you, you just have to find it! ” Particularly interesting are the following chapters – Chapter 4, „What Do You Want?”, Which presents the poem of the same name: „What Do You Want?” and Chapter 5, entitled „Time,” and guess what, contains the poem of the same name, „Time,” of which I quote only the first stanza: „Who measures the time you have left?” / You are at the beginning or at the end you have no clue, / You can’t buy the elixir of youth ”. (Time, Mihaela CD)


Pay attention to the rich who believe themselves to be the masters of the world. Mihaela CD, she has some advice. I quote her: “The rich think they can buy anything with their money! In reality, they can buy beauty and wealth, but they cannot buy exactly what is most important: time, love and health ”. Perfectly true, but they think they own the world around them. The worst idea of ​​life. So, dear ones, you who are rich and think that you can buy anyone or anything with money, don’t be so confident that you are right. There are also people in this world who have verticality, who respect each other and who know their time, step, walk, road, path. It’s not like that!

Remember, those who long for riches or wealth, do not rely on this principle. And, I add only that… these maxims, aphorisms, thoughts or reflections, should be much publicized, spread to the world, because they have immense value. I do good to those who know how to understand it, and they will pass on this principle. Live healthy. Do not be corrupted by those who think they are rich. The money bag will run out. Sincerity and friendship remain, when they are sown with the soul. The flowers of sincerity, unfortunately, bloom less and less. So are the flowers of friendship. You also find people who know how to respect themselves, who cultivate common sense and true moral values. Here is the volume, it confirms that.


Congratulations, Mihaela CD, for this unique approach.I would like all of this to be spread to the people, to the young people who are growing up and who are our future. Let’s raise them and educate them in a healthy way. Let’s show them the right way. Sincerity. Truth. Friendship. Even if the truth sometimes hurts, let us call it truth and justice.

The most important detail is that: „Time disappears like the smoke of a steam locomotive.” So remember. It’s a piece of advice, and you can’t say you didn’t know it. The author Mihaela CD gives it to us, from the goodness of the soul. So, “Think! Analyze! Act ”, another great principle of life. The desire for change should always be at the root of the soul. Having the power to change something means you’re already strong, or you’re on the right track, aren’t you? And if you want a change, always start doing it with yourself.Just like that ! Here is the argument… the big argument, which concludes: „You have taken the wrong path / And your life has no direction , / Would you like to know how you stepped in, / And how you got in the opposite direction?” (Desire for change, Mihaela CD)


In order for the author, at the end of this chapter, to draw, obviously, a very current conclusion: „The path of a dream until it becomes a reality must be sprinkled with a lot of desire, ambition, work and perseverance!”. Perfectly true. Be bold! Be ambitious! Be strong! Based on this principle, you will get exactly where you want to go. You will come to fulfill your dream or dreams / desire or desires.

The poem „Nobody” is part of chapter 7 „Nobody knows what you are capable of / And no one  faces life it in your place, / Nobody knows the path of life, / Whether it is good or bad!” (Nobody, Mihaela CD) Nobody knows my soul the way I know it, the author seems to tell us. Yes! That’s how it is. I know myself best and from this principle I am correct and I expect those around me to be fair, I am honest and I expect the same from those around me, right? Sincerity is a way to succeed. Where there is sincerity, there is faith. Where there is faith, there is God. „No one knows better than you what you can do„, says Mihaela CD in a thoughtful way, wanting to warn us, as it were about the rules / customs of life, so that in the next chapter, „Happiness”, to surprise us again, in true style.


Rightly so, what is happiness? Where does it grow ? Who picks it up? Who cultivates it? Who takes care of it? There are only a few questions, and the answer, for each of them, is us. Only with us. Does happiness have its secret? Yes! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Pure, undiluted, true happiness makes its way straight with love. Love of neighbor. Even joy is part of happiness. The smile, too. All, planted and cared for in the garden of the sincere soul, when they bear fruit, means fulfillment, comfort, fullness, nobility, means courage. „Your life gathers divine light / Shining in the celestial chandeliers, / You are loved and you love without guilt, / The steam of feelings shines on the horizon!” (Happiness, the waltz of joy, Mihaela CD).

„Be happy every day!”, Advises the author of this impressive volume. Fight for every grain of happiness in your life. Take advantage of every moment to gather a smile, love, joy, and happiness around your heart, to be fulfilled. Soak the dew with the seeds of happiness with the dew of the serene mornings, and your heavenly reward, your soul’s reward, will be softened. Never look back, thinking about what happened, except to sift through the noblest memories. May your thoughts and eyes be only on the target in front of you. The fight. Strive to be happy. Fight for every smile… put together, they will all give birth to happiness.


„Fighting” is, in fact, the title of the next chapter. Look how beautifully they fit! I didn’t even realize it. That’s how it turned out, and I’m glad. „Fight for your dreams, no one will do it for you!” Life is a struggle. No one can take or steal your dreams. They, the dreams, belong to each of us. And one more thing, of a deep sensitivity – the following reflection: „The struggle in life means the courage to always look to the heights”. „Life is a struggle and yet we risk, / We choose, we gather, weep, we sing, / Only those who enter the battle win, / You wonder if your shirt will be torn!” (Fight with yourself, Mihaela CD) .

Chapters such as „Patience”, (10), „Wisdom”, (11) or „Faith” are part of the perfection of the book. If your motto, regarding the customs of life, is: “Help! Give! Forgive! Love! ”, Then you are on the right path. And there is another detail: „Share only good things around you, / This is how you do good on earth, / Believe in Him and believe in yourself, / For only goodness is holy!” (Faith in goodness, Mihaela CD).

Do you believe in miracles? If the answer is no, I recommend that you read chapter 14, „Miracles,” and „The Miracle Is in You,” confirming: „Everything you have thought and chosen is yours today. gifted, / Today, you are reaping the fruits, / The miracle is hidden in you! ”(The miracle is in you, Mihaela CD) Don’t forget an essential detail:“ Your happiness has the shape of your heart! ”. Nothing can change this.


I would like to get closer to the end, although there is still a lot to say about this volume. I will congratulate the editorial appearance, being convinced that the author Mihaela CD will follow her literary path. It will not stop here, but it will continue, always, to pleasantly surprise us with the nuances of the soul, with fragments of light from the depths of the spring of muses. The volume, although I am firmly convinced that I repeat it, will impress many readers. And so it must be … let’s not forget one essential thing – we were born, we are and we will be. But, every time, let us be ourselves, without external influences. Let us be – let us have the courage of deeds and words. Let’s have the courage to face life as it is, for better or worse, for better or for worse … these are realities that we cannot erase or ignore in our lives.

Let’s live every moment with maximum interest and joy. Let us cherish those around us for what they are. Let’s correct where we think it is necessary. Let’s give wings to those who want to fly to the heights. Let’s support our ideas, values ​​and promote them sincerely.That’s what the author,Mihaela CD,tells us in this volume happiness is in everyone, we don’t have to wait for someone to bring it to us. We are the only artisans  of our joys and happiness, of our accomplishments and dreams.


Dreams belong to us and only we can make them come true – through courage, patience, responsibility. Life is a gift to us, so live it properly – respecting those around you, helping those who are helpless, bringing moments of smile on the faces of those who forgot to smile for various reasons. We were born to win and always be victorious. If, here and there, we lose another battle, let us be strong and confident in ourselves, let us not let ourselves down, let us fight until we succeed. It is said that „hope dies last” and that „we each have a lucky star.” That’s how it is!

Mihaela CD, gives us a solution – this volume, in fact, a treatise on life … a guide on how to be strong, how to be responsible, how to be ourselves … without pride, without lies, without harsh words … life is beautiful if we make it beautiful. We don’t have to wait for someone to bring us joy, happiness in the package … no!


Let’s fight for every moment of happiness and for every dream. Let’s follow our Path. It, the Path, means both Truth and Life.I wish you to have your dreamed life, as you wish: with accomplishments, with joys of soul and for the soul. Know how to climb and know how to get down. To fall and find the strength to get up and move on … never back down.

Courage, firmness, dignity to be your guide. Honesty, fairness … the same. May your sincerity be light in your words and deeds. Positive thinking, too. Don’t let others coordinate and lead you as they please. Be the one who has healthy goals and proves to everyone that you are responsible and capable.

Now, because we were „Born to be …”, I will give the author the opportunity to convince us (how many times, right?), Ending this editorial signal with a few verses from the poem „Born to be someone else” : „I was born to be someone else, / I, did not want to change His will, / But, the train of life took me away, / In other places, with a one-way  ticket./ I can’t turn the hourglass of life back, / (…) / I feel joy and bitterness alike / And the rudder of my life is drifting. I got on the train, / Which leads to the longing road, / (…) / From the celestial feather to make my shield / And the positive word sharpen, / To write for justice and love / And for the sake of good preaching ./(…)/ I was born to be someone else / And, I didn’t want to change His will ”, (Born to be someone else, Mihaela CD)


„After so much work and effort, here is your satisfaction, because, from now on, your path to success is paved with roses!”, I should say to the author, congratulating her from the bottom of my heart.

Being a volume from which sensitive lessons are drawn, it is also the author’s responsibility to draw a conclusion. And, from this point of view, it entered directly into the readers’ souls. Bravo, Mihaela CD! You’re a wonderful person. You are a strong women, a true fighter. Continue on your way and you will climb to the highest peaks, and leaving behind truth, sincerity, love, faith, pure teaching.„Congratulations! Rejoice! ”

Beautiful book … honor to the one who wrote it! Honor to those who will read it! Honor to those  who will love it!Respect! Honor! Duty fulfilled! Sensitivity! Depth!



Founding member of DIN VATRA SATULUI magazine

Member of the Writers’ Association, Baia Mare

Member of the „Petre Dulfu” Literary Cenacle, Satulung (MM)

Member of the Romanian Writers’ League, Cluj-Napoca Branch

President of ASCIOR (Association for Orthodox Civilization) – Maramureș Branch


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