The Fire  Within Us -afterword


The Fire  Within Us 

In this abstract world, it is a bravery to make a painting or dream poems, to write them with emotion, fear, and courage. With the dream emotion, with the fear of not being understood and with the courage to take responsibility. Beauty is everywhere, and we have the power to spread it!
I appreciate the charm of the poems written by Mihaela CD. Her poetry subjugates you through the apotheosis of the wonderfulness and simple, and symbolic details. After you read her poetry, you cannot help but fall in love with it. For a few minutes, you are there, with her family of beautifully placed words that remind you of the butterfl ies in your stomach, of your own family or the celestial seasons. Like a wire acrobat, she can pass from the saddest moments to the most volcanic feelings of total happiness, of abandonment in eternal love or bliss in the face of a sunrise. Beyond words, we discover beautiful thought, sincere friendship, sorrows, or joys, and all these only through poetry. The poems are fragments of heavenly crystals, molded in a pure and incandescent soul. Without abusing of metaphors, she makes us see the colors of dreams, happiness, or sadness. The verse is like a cup of a white lily, which entices you to smell it. The scent can lift you to the clouds or lower you in nothingness.
The respect and holiness of the verse’s fl ow enforce you to bow with respect for the language, for the perseverance and the jewels received from it. Where God has put grace, the words of men are small. They are impossible to compare to the poet’s talent. I will always keep her in my soul, with her art that has enchanted me.
I learned from Brâncuşi that simplicity could be sophisticated, from Caragiale that you can laugh
at any time in life, but not of life; from Eminescu that madness does not invalidate your genius.
Stay yourself, and you will always write enjoyable poems. You have your audience. Thank you, much appreciation, and respect!


Read the demo  here: 

The Fire Within Us – demo

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THE FIRE WITHIN US -poetry from my soul to your souls has 240 pages, printed in colors. Beautiful paintings by talented artist Mircea Rustiuc are the inspiration source for Mihaela CD. Buy this gorgeous book for only 35$ CAD !

35,00 CAD


THE FIRE WITHIN US -poetry from my soul to your souls has 240 colorfull pages Beautiful paintings by talented artist Mircea Rustiuc are the inspiration source for Mihaela CD. Buy this gorgeous e-book for only 25$ CAD ! More econnomically, more echologically, more quicklly!

25,00 CAD

Uneori elefantii zboara/Sometimes elephants are flying *FORMAT TIPARIT (softcover)

Uneori elefanţii zboară a autoarei Mihaela CD este o culegere extraordinară de reflectii si enunturi motivationale, realizata in pagini color de inalta calitate, care se adresează tuturor celor care vor să creadă în visele lor! Pe parcursul celor 250 de pagini pline de culoare vei descoperi secrete ale succesului ca sa fii mai puternic si mai bun! Comandati acum la numai 45$. Livrare gratuita oriunde in lume!

45,00 CAD

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