The word of the editor: Born to be someone(else)


The word of the editor

Romanian-born Canadian writer Mihaela CD surprises us with each new book in a pleasant way through new concepts and ideas that she promotes in her own writings.

Being at the tenth personal book, the book „Born to be someone else” is the second of its kind (aphorisms), which gathers in it reflections, verses and motivational statements and is addressed to those who seek its purpose, being a book full of positivism and charisma.

With her own well-defined style, the author leaves an original and unique imprint on her books, be they books of aphorisms, poems or prose. Love of people, the desire for good, morality, elegance, harmony and balance are just some of the aspects that characterize her and that can be observed in her writings.


Humans from birth to death seeks his happiness, that deep state of well-being which fills the soul with joy. Some of us manage to find happiness, others  seek it for a lifetime.

The book „Born to be someone else” invites us on a journey of self-knowledge, self-analysis and self-evaluation because, as even the writer Mihaela CD says, „the secret is in us” and the decision to be happy or not is up to us. Happiness has many shades and colors, it can be in the little things that we enjoy, in the dewdrops on the petals of a flower, in the joy of seeing someone dear again, in the smile of a child or in the joy of working, creating what we like, etc.

But life is a dizzying carousel and sometimes we realize that we are not on the right path, looking for happiness in the wrong place, but we do not have the courage to make a change because we are too anchored in everyday life and any change involves a risk. The risk of not succeeding, of losing even the little you had or the comfort you gained. Mihaela CD welcomes readers and helps them step by step to find out what makes them happy and to make changes in their lives.


To be „someone else” means to change yourself, to become another, a new „You”, but observing the pun, an „other-someone” can also mean to be another personality, and the author leaves room for interpretation for the reader in her own style because, even if you want to become someone else than you are now or want to become a „someone” in the sense of excelling in what you want to do, the book „Born to be someone else” will help you fulfill your dream.

The power and courage of change, the desire to discover and analyze yourself, as well as the encouragement, positive support throughout the book, make this volume of aphorisms and motivational reflections a very practical and useful tool for readers.

       Unlike the author’s first book of aphorisms, „Sometimes elephants are flying,” this book brings something new and unique! Because the writer Mihaela CD is also a poet, in this book we are offered a few poems with a strong motivational character.

Certain experiences, even negative ones, make us more attentive and more in control of our own destiny and our own happiness. By reading this exceptional book, you will discover the author’s vision of the purpose we each have and which we will find out as the author says only when we are ready. All the secrets we seek are in us but we need help to discover them. .

 I invite you to delve into the secrets of this book and find out how you can discover yourself and, regardless of age, gender or religion how you can be someone (else)!


Johnny Ciatloş-Deak

senior editor Globart Universum Publishing House Montreal

member of  Uniunea Jurnariliştilor Independenți din România  


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Născut pentru a fi (alt)cineva/Born to be someone(else)-FORMAT TIPĂRIT(softcover)

Născut pentru a fi (alt)cineva/Born to be someone(else)-este o carte bilingvă de aforisme, reflecții, versuri și enunțuri motivaționale ce poartă semnătura autoarei Mihaela CD. Imprimată full color conținând imagini extraordinare, cartea te va cuceri pe loc datorită pozitivismului pe care îl degajă. Autoarea va oferă gratuit un semn de carte și livrare gratuită pentru comenzile făcute înainte de 31 decembrie!Comandă acum cartea care te va ajuta să iți descoperi forțele ascunse!

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