AURELIA RÎNJEA * CLIMBING THE STEPS OF LIGHT *Foreword: Born to be someone(else)




The book,you,dear reader,  hold in your hand today and you might hold it  tomorrow as well, invites you to detach yourself from the world of illusions generated by your mind, too busy with material discomfort, to show you that you can live beautifully  and graiouslly, loving and giving, on this planet, on which we came not by chance, in search of the unique truth, which propels us to learn a single fundamental and divine lesson, that of „love”.

The book BORN TO BE  SOMEONE(ELSE), by the distinguished and well-known Canadian writer of Romanian origin,MIHAELA CD, is a book of aphorisms,which gathers reflections,deep thoughts, motivational statements, but also emotional poems, full of sincerity and essence. A book dedicated to Pompy and Nicoleta, with whom she lived the joys of life, remembering especially those of childhood!

To the universal question „why did you come into the world?”, The statement „seek your destiny!” Comes as a reply of destiny! The secret is in you and you will find it when you will be ready for it. „Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, / You know it best.”


Ion Minulescu’s lyrics greet you like a leitmotif: ‘What I once was , today I am no longer …/But what I am today I am  sorry  /That I could not always be the singer/The same  with the face of a Saint…”

The word of the publisher, the distinguished man of culture, Johnny Ciatlos-Deak, introduces us to the distinguished writer MIHAELA CD, in her tenth book, which comes to readers with spiritual gifts, of soul, born from the maturity of the writer.

I will present to you the most special aspects that I have noticed, leaving the rest, to discover them yourselves, on an imaginary thread, like that of Ariadne, this time of the author’s soul, for following her you will surely find yourselves.

The book is structured in 17 chapters, with a dense and well-chosen content, which I will present below:

YOU EXIST, it introduces us to the existential sphere, where we are all where God has blessed us to be, as creative beings, bringers of love and Light, in the miracle of  Life .It presents us with the joy of being a Romanian Christian, that it was given by the Creator to be born on an “ancestral land”… “In the land where many flocks graze / And where rivers really sing ”, to name the desert words.


It draws our attention to the inner music, like a „violin” inspired by the Creator, which generates the most beautiful symphony, whose score writer is You!

Chapter 2 brings us to the natural question: WHY? „Why me, here, now?” Yes, we are a chance from the billions of non beings, from the acorns of the Cosmic Tree and this is not by chance, because only in our power lies the possibility of finding this creative approach, through which we are born to love and give.

MIHAELA CD also asks  deep questions, which invite to reflections, such as: „How much do you give of your time to others?” I also wondered and discovered that  by giving, joy comes to you! Or, “Did you plant a flower or a tree in your life? Did you give something without expecting anything in return ?, questions that make me think of Chinese wisdom, which tried to clear the way to spiritual evolution.

„All men are born good, because they are God’s creation!”, But through our Free Will we decide who we want to be. We will not discern this from the beginning, but we will search, intuiting that at the right moment we will find out, and MIHAELA CD, she found out!


Chapter WHO ARE YOU? comes to meet the reader with answers: „You are unique”… „In the mirror, you can see what you want to see”, a statement that reminds me of Brâncuși’s words: „Look until you see”, referring to his sculptures. And we are living sculptures, inspired by the Creator, then shaped by self as the heart and mind require. The secret of existence, and the answer to the question in the chapter is in each of us, suggests the author, who comes with exhortations: „Do not copy anyone, Find your own identity” to be happy.

In the chapter WHAT DO YOU WANT ?, the author shows us that what you want to become depends on you, on what you discern and want to change. A direct and confessional way of addressing, which instantly turns you into the main character in this superb spiritual analysis, urging you to try: „It’s your chance for happiness!” It also brings to the fore a truth misunderstood by many: „Your parents give you wings,” and then you fly.Moment of thought for both parents and children!


The TIME chapter reminds us of its value… „Use it to your advantage!” And as a story of her own life, she beautifully says: „Time writes you a page every day in the story of your life” Time cannot be bought … Time, I say, remains the Friend, the Master, the Servant or the Prophet, seated on the other side of the scale, from where we link each presence to others, and the moments are offered to us for always other journeys toward the heart of existence.

The chapter DESIRE TO CHANGE reveals a natural desire, but not an easy one, which depends on eachy of us, dreams being the driving force behind this phased decision:”Think! Analyze! Act! ” or: „desire, ambition, work and perseverance!”

In the NOBODY chapter, the author is firm:”No one can live YOUR life in YOUR place!”You are the only one who can discover the limits you have to assume, and then exceed them, if you wish. „Trust what you feel!”yes,we humans have a lot of work to do here, not being educated to listen to our intuition or the inner signals, of the body, of the soul!


The HAPPINESS chapter presents this aspiration, which together with Love, forms a couple, in the author’s vision.And a definition of it: „Happiness is the waltz of joy between heart and soul”, which must be carefully sought in the right place.The magical”I love you” shows us all its valences, depending on who utters it: child, parent, grandfather, lover.An „I love you” said today, does more than the whole world of tomorrow, it’s like an invitation to eternity!

It tells us about a melody of the heart and the fact that „Your life gathers divine light.”

In the chapter FIGHT, she urges us to persevere continuously for the fulfillment of our dreams, which is in fact:”a struggle with yourself.” Any storm will pass, and peace will return.”Love and forgive yourself”, in a miraculous healing of the soul!


The PATIENCE chapter teaches us how to patiently color our lives, with the perseverance of the ant, to reach the top! There you will discover the beauty of the road, through which you have evolved, to get to see the sunrise from the height reached by your own powers and aspirations.We also find a beautiful reference to acting, but also to loving  the nature.”To have patience does not mean to count all the trees in a forest, but to wait for to grow!”

The chapter WISDOM is presented to us as a virtue acquired from the lessons of others, but also from our own lessons, if we learn them. The moral values ​​transmitted by parents to children, define their personality, they are the best soil for sowing while the  books  are a source of our becoming

 In the chapter FAITH, this is oriented towards the Creator,  the Force of Good: “Help! / Give! / Forgive! / Love! / Believe in the human kindness / That is hidden deep inside us / For inside speak / The forces of good in us ”(Faith in good). A light comes from within us and inhabits us, a drop of divinity, a sparkle of the Great Light! Enjoy it and enlighten those around you! In a state of joy and gratitude, she tells us: “True friends are angels sent by God to earth.”


In the chapter THE POWER OF LOVE, love is presented to us as the magical, heart-opening key…”We were created out of love.” It brings: „peace, security, beauty and goodness!” As a physicist, this reminds me of the wave of love, thus defined by Daniel Winter, from California, through whose interference, respecting the Fibonacci sequence, generates peace, life and harmony.

MIRACLES,it gives you a real revelation through the words of the author: the miracle that „You are”! Your inner strength and the power to see the things you are drawn to: „God loves you, he brings out opportunities that you do not notice unless you look with wisdom, patience, and love!” … „The universe is infinity and YOU belong to it ”,  interact creatively with it!

 CHANGE is already coming in response to the title of the book: „Did You Want to Be SOMEONE ELSE?” and a pertinent statement: „The ship of life full of opportunities stops in many ports, it’s up to you to get on board!”


The chapter SOMEONE ELSE, acts concentrically, fortifying: “Evaluate your chances! Make a plan! Try!” Balance is seen as a lesson in life, and the uniqueness of the truth lasts regardless of the number of eyes. „Allow yourself to be happy!” It depends on you! „Changes have come one by one / And in the garment of divine grace they carry me /Sewn with words walking in thought / They have come to form another fate for me” (Someone else).

In YOU ARE SOMEONE, an exhortation persists: Believe in your uniqueness, „Happiness takes the form of your heart”,… Learn with the new „YOU”! The poet continues in verse: „You are someone because you have found your purpose / Inscribed in the stars since you were born / But nature and will are important / To want to take it now the beginning!” (You are Someone).

For her, life is a train, and at the right moment we each discern who we want to be: / From unseen muses whispering to me / Descend in the soft voice of God / Words placed in a divine pen / In writing in celestial rhythm. / I put them on the sheets, I write them as they come / I’m glad and I understand that it’s not a torment / I was born to be someone else / And I didn’t want to change His will! ” (Born to be someone else) – the poem that gives the title of the volume.


How beautiful when at a significant moment in life you discover what God wanted from you, and even more apotheotic is when you find that you have followed your unique path, on the same way that was laid for you by the Creator, as a chance  to choose it!

The volume ends roundly, also with Minulescu’s lyrics (A man’s song): I always sing / The one I was once, but I’m not … ”

A concerted book as if by a divine hand, sifting the tares, full of lessons and thoughts. The volume seems to be a course of personal development, in which you not only attend, but also participate, interrelating with the truth, the riddles and with life itself.

In an exceptional, suggestive graphic design, chosen with great care, he creates a charming spiritual cocktail. I don’t know the drinks, but I imagine it, at a gala reception, of such proportions as the launch of this book, which carries you in the light of MIHAELA CD’s soul, on the strings of love for people, for God, for the Word.


A spectacular book, in her own conception, as only the author can combine,the words, the message,with the image,to result synergistically what she herself wanted! (I know how it is).

Aesthetic constructions such as „Time – a colorless rose” or „Happiness is the dew on the petals”, follow you, remain in your mind even after reading the book, in a fantastic  dream, in a beautiful Together.

The book is a plea for a beautiful and dignified life, rich in divine virtues, where loving means forgiving and giving. It means shared joy, in a game of contentment and gratitude. With each lived experience, life becomes a dream come true, a complex reality, in which time bears witness to the crossroads of self-search, in an affirmative game, in an openness to permanence.


When we say the verb TO BE, we understand many things, but it is important for us to strive to emphasize what is essential and worthwhile to be exalted in humans.An axiological way of feeling things, as dictated by a certain space, a certain tradition.A seed thrown into the land of the future, faith in humanity, in fundamental values, in the spirit that defeats temporality, in favor of the golden fruits of conscience or in other words, a lesson that is learned on the go, valuing the time, for knowing yourself  and feeling HUMAN.

Life is a plea for faith and love, for compassion and lucidity, for wisdom clothed in the garment of modesty and love of people, a prayer made with humility and toil, on the difficult steps of becoming.It is no coincidence that we met here,in this book,where the author’s soul resonates in the hearts of lovers of beauty, and the freedom of her spirit in her writings, is a proof that she understood the divine message and followed the path of her own becoming.

We would like to thank the distinguished writer MIHAELA CD for this book.


                                               prof AURELIA RÎNJEA

                                 Member of World Poets Association România

                               Member of Writer’s Union of România


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