Lacrimioara Iva * Landmark for an inner flight *Preface: Born to be someone(else)



Landmark for an inner flight

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why you were born.” (Mark Twain)

 What are the reasons for your birth? Are you “Born to be someone (else)”? Born to be someone else, a unique individual? Born to be someone, a personality? Both reasons? We certainly came to this earth to share God’s creativity, to be someone else, and to follow our dreams! “Born to be someone (else)” is a book about time and life, which offers the opportunity to reflect on the deeper aspects of existence, thanks to the aphorisms about life, poems and thoughts that connect life to different concepts about love and time.The richness of life is in its diversity. The diversity of cultures, philosophies, models, strategies, and inventions has allowed the birth and development of different civilizations. The differences between individuals are what make the world heterogeneous and interesting. Mihaela CD helps us better understand this concept of diversity. The author reveals the importance of not flattening, of wanting something new and getting rid of monotony, in searching of always different circumstances and novelties to discover. Today more than ever it is necessary to understand that our differences bring us closer. Being different by freely expressing what you are, requires a lot of strength and courage. Well, Mihaela CD has that courage. It is easier to try to conform to the standards that society imposes on us, even when we don’t like them. However, nature teaches us that evolution is born of diversity: if everything were to remain as it is, progress would not exist. Sometimes, being different is not a choice, but only the result of prejudices resulting from ignorance. Therefore, in addition to accepting differences, it is very important to be open to others’ distinctness. Each person becomes unique and essential through their diversity. Each of us has our own way of seeing things, which is influenced by our lifestyle, the family environment, and the cultural environment in which we form. In Mihaela CD’s opinion, diversity should not be seen as a problem, but as an opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to be open, to accept diversity, to receive it as a standard, as a way of thinking. It is necessary to understand that beauty stays also in being able to deal with people who are totally different from us, to learn many new things and expand your knowledge.


For Mihaela CD, walking in someone else’s shoes does not mean becoming the other person, it just means understanding them so, we can improve ourselves, having more than one perspective. “Ask yourself why you came into the world and find your purpose. The secret is in you, and you will find it when you will be ready for it.”

If we want to know the meaning of existence, we must open this book and we will surely find at least one aphorism that Mihaela CD wrote especially for us, to prepare us for finding out its secret, but also our secret.Many aphorisms and poems in this book help us bring out the deepest and most authentic part of ourselves, to reconnect with our essence and the world for a conscious life in which we do not expect a moment of pure joy, but we create it. Mihaela CD approaches the others to share joy, to support them if they are in difficulty, she offers “seed words” from where hopes will sprout.“A soulless man would be like a bowless violin.”


Through the things we read, the things we hear, the things we see, the ideas we believe in, and the people around us, we allow our souls to express and grow. Mihaela CD has a “bow” and plays it with mastery, managing to transform her own life into the most beautiful violin song, urging us to do the same.“Make your life the most beautiful violin song!” If we want to find the true purpose of life, we must not listen to what our mind tells us, we must feel in our hearts the reason or reasons why we were born.“You’ve got a chance at life, what do you do with it? What decisions have you made for YOURSELF?”

No matter how difficult life is, there is always something to accomplish and you can accomplish that “something”. You have this chance; the important thing is to take the decision, to try.“If you do not try, you will always be left with the question: What it would have been like to be SOMEONE ELSE?”


The eyes are a mirror of the soul! In fact, sometimes we can just look a person in the eye and understand his/her intentions, feelings, and personality. Other times, it can help us make others understand how we feel.“The eyes tell the truth, they never lie!”, “A happy soul, dances.”Happiness is not in what you have, but in what you are, it is something that comes from inside, it is an awakening of the soul. Mihaela’s soul dances when she awakens. What does happiness mean to Mihaela CD? It is unconditional love, inner peace, and serenity, it means to feel part of the Creation, to participate in the beauty of the Universe, to “boil in wonder” when “verses grow” inside you, “to use time in your favor”.

“For our unique role on Earth/ We are given a precise purpose/ We do not stay in vain in the wind/ And we’re researching the telescope’s life.”For Mihaela CD, happiness means that “you breathe, you live, you smile so, you exist!”


Is time real or just a product of our imagination? Is there a beginning and an end of time? Why is time always moving forward? Why do we remember the past and not the future?“Time is just an illusion we create, in reality only NOW is REAL!”“Time is the most expensive WEALTH! You can buy anything, but you can’t buy TIME!”“Time disappears like the smoke of a steam locomotive” / “Never float without a destination.”Our time on this earth is limited, but that does not mean that we must live passively oppressed by our destiny. On the contrary, we must try to get the best out of it.

“Nobody knows better than YOU what you are capable of and what your limits are!” / “Nobody feels what you feel!” / “Nobody wears your shoes!”Fear of judgment and fear of disappointing others are two closely related issues. Disappointing others and their expectations is not pleasant, and it can have a variety of negative consequences: loss of confidence in yourself and others, guilt, fear of being misjudged…“As a child, you wanted to be someone else, but you didn’t have the courage, because you were afraid of disappointing others, but instead, you disappointed yourself!”Stressful life episodes can shatter your self-esteem, lead to disappointment, and lead you to believe that you do not have the qualities and resources you thought you had.To avoid disappointment, it is necessary to balance your own personality.“NO ONE is wearing your heeled shoes, and no one makes corns in your place!” / “NO ONE knows better than you what you can do!”You may heal from disappointment if you work on self-esteem and self-awareness, and if you listen to your needs and desires, but you must have the courage to ask this of yourself, which is not always easy.“What is Happiness?”/ “Where do you find Happiness? How do you know when you find it?”Happiness comes from within, exists in the present and should not be sought. Your happiness already exists, it’s up to you to recognize it or build the conditions to be able to recognize it.“You carry the secret of happiness in your soul” / “Happiness is the waltz of joy between heart and soul” / “For a child, happiness means the protective embrace of a parent” / “For a parent, happiness means his child’s heartbeat.”.Are we unhappy because we choose to be? Do our claims make us unhappy?Unhappiness is the consequence of our choice not to live, to reject life in all that it entails.“Are you unhappy that a party has been canceled? Be happy that you have more time with your family!”/,“Are you unhappy that you don’t have a bigger house? Others would be happy to have a home!”/, “Are you unhappy that you have too many hours of work? Others would be happy to have a job!”.Life often puts us in situations where we must fight to get what we want. For Mihaela CD, fighting means not giving up and facing life with a lot of courage so as not to be overwhelmed by fear and difficulties. The author’s aphorisms and poems are about will, perseverance, determination, and courage and can help us explore human nature.“Only those who enter the battle, win!” / “No one guarantees you anything!” / “Don’t be a spectator looking at your own life!”/, “Life is a struggle, and yet we take risks / We choose, we gather, weep, we sing / Only those who enter the battle, win… / But no one guarantees you anything / The fight is intense, you are your own enemy…”.


To achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams, you must have determination, tenacity, courage, and perseverance. Determination corresponds to an inner strength that allows us to achieve goals and make dreams come true despite any difficulties.Tenacity is the quality demonstrated by those who do not give up easily but keep trying until they reach the goal.One of the most important human qualities is courage for it gives us the strength to face obstacles and difficulties, without running away.What is Mihaela CD’s courage? It takes courage to be who you are, without veils and without filters, expressing your feelings and fragility.Perseverance means not giving up, it is the effort required to do something until you succeed, even if it is difficult. To achieve a goal, to “reach the top”, Mihaela CD is strict with herself.

Another quality of Mihaela CD is patience. The author’s patience has a magical effect, an effect in front of which the difficulties and obstacles disappear. Mihaela CD can accept failures, difficulties, and pain with a calm soul: the courage to continue matters.


“Perseverance is the dance partner of patience!”. “Not the one who runs faster reaches the top, but the one who has ambition and perseverance and doses his effort well!”.

Wisdom (from the Latin sapius, derivation of knowledge, “making sense”) is the gift of those who, by natural predisposition or study and experience, possess prudent discernment, great ability to judge correctly, moderation, and intellectual and spiritual balance. Mihaela CD is wise!

“Wisdom is gained from one’s own life experiences and from the experiences of others” /, “The lessons of the school of life are learned only by living!”, “Don’t wait for the fruit if you have not planted any seed.”.

Mihaela CD’s faith is a connection between what she thinks is true in the mind and what she feels is true in the heart.

“You were created with a purpose, and you will only find it out when you will be ready for it!” / “It is your soul that defines you, not your physical appearance so, take care of your soul!” / “If you can’t stop all the evil in the world, at least don’t multiply it! ”/, “True friends are angels sent to earth by God. ”


Mihaela CD’s power is in the love she hides in her soul, the love for others. “Everything that is alive emanates love!”For those who have faith, miracles are God’s work and an expression of his immense greatness. For Mihaela CD, believing in miracles is the same as always keeping hope alive.“God loves you; he brings you opportunities that you do not notice unless you look with wisdom, patience, and love!”/, “The strength is only in you!”.

To change also means to improve, innovate, and evolve. “Have courage and change!”/, “It’s time to try what you like!”As you become “someone else”, you will need a lot of self-discipline in order not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment.“Evaluate your chances! Make a plan! Try!”/, “The smiles you give to others will be reflected in your eyes and soul. Smile as often as possible!”/, “Every person sees things through their own eyes, in their own way, but the truth is just one!”.


What do you need to do to become what you are? What do you need to do to become “someone”? You should take a few steps, namely: self-love, self-acceptance, authenticity, and “knowing yourself.”“Your happiness has the shape of your heart!”/, “The satisfaction of finding the new “Me” cannot be measured!”/, “The scene of life belongs to you! Congratulations! Be happy!”

“Born to be someone (else)” is a book of reflections, lyrics and motivational statements offered with generosity, a generosity of spirit, the author putting others before her. The world would certainly be better if people were more generous with others.“Born to be someone(else)” is a book about having ambition, believing, making a change, trusting, having courage, taking decisions, fighting for your desires and dreams, being wise, and enjoying life!

It is not easy for a writer to create short but meaningful sentences about life in just a few words. It takes exercise, but also talent. Mihaela CD shows us that an important event can be summed up in a handful of words, in a sentence about life that we should always carry with ourselves for remembrance, to have a landmark for an inner flight!


Lacrimioara Iva – writer, poet,

member of the Romanian Writers Union,

Editor-in-Chief of “Magazin critic” and “Cutezator” magazines,

President of Euro Education Sardinia.



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