Gabriela Raucă * Postface: Born to be someone(else)



You can know a person by discovering their soul, and that’s how I met Mihaela CD: I read her books, I looked at her paintings, I listened to her music and I thoroughly discovered  the depths of her soul, because it was there, exposed, open and warm, clean and sincere, an artist’s soul, which I felt from the first moment being close to me. A talented writer, with amazing work force and creative ability, with an indescribable ambition, with understanding and love for people, a devoted family person, Mihaela CD puts in the books she writes, her whole universe: family, friends, pain, joy, rebellion, love, dissatisfaction, trust.

This volume, „Born to Be Someone(else)” is a work written in Romanian and English, which includes reflections and motivational statements, but also poems in which the author summarizes the ideas and presents in short verses the essence of each of the seventeen chapters . Presented in an elegant way, with suggestive images, which highlight and blend perfectly with the multitude of aphorisms and lyrics, this volume is dedicated to the „beloved sisters” of the author, this dedication being itself a presentation of the soul and character of Mihaela CD , which is thus characterized by her own words. Nothing, not even the harsh life away from the country, not even the troubled times that the whole of humanity is going through, have been able to alter the pure, child-like feelings she carries in her soul. „Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. ,/ You know it best!”Fore this book there coudn’t be a more relevant beginning than these words, written by the author, the content of which is intended to be an exhortation itself, a motivation addressed to a growing number of people who can not define their way of life, their purpose and significance both for themselves and for society.


Following the series of the seventeen chapters of the book and the titles they bear, we can deduce the entire architecture, they being the skeleton of the entire construction, which, with sensitivity and skill, the author Mihaela CD builds.

 The poet calls the first chapter of this volume ”YOU EXIST” and reflects intensely on this  fact, independent of our will, in general, a miracle, a consequence of someone else’s will, a chance that we have and that we must cherish . Only we can value the gift we have received, the life that we have to live with in everything we do, honoring with gratitude the privilege of being. „I was born unintentionally / Without asking anyone for it”

„Why?”, A question that appears as a significant title for the second chapter, and the answers can only come by invoking the faith and power of the divine, which made possible our coming into the world, in a certain place, time and conjuncture of things. „Why me? / Why here / Why now? / Why so?”questions that torment the writer and to wich she answers through other questions about the purpose of our existence , about the importance and value of our relationships, about what has changed our existence in the place and time we are. A philosophy of feelings put in the pages of a book, by a person with the grace to reflect and search in the essence of life.


„Who are you?”, Is a question that requires an answer that only we can give ourselves, in order to survive in the world in which we were brought by the Divinity. Every person is unique, everyone see themselves in the mirror as they  want, everyone is special, everyone must prove and truly believe that they are someone. „Find your purpose on earth / Be you, be special, do not imitate!”

 „What do you want?”, A way to look for the path in life, to discover your purpose on Earth, both for yourself and in relation to your fellows. It is at the same time a question, but also an exhortation, to be what you really want, what you feel you have to be, regardless of the will of others. The author discharges her soul and identifies so well with the answer to this question, revealing how she herself follows divine grace, discovering her true identity through the power of poetry, colors, sounds. „Try to find out what your purpose is!”

 „Time” as a beneficial existence, not just an irreversible passage, is perceived by the author as a charity, highlighting what we have to gain, which brings us not only what we lose by passing it. The direction of life, only forward, without wasting time, without regrets for what has passed, but always with confidence in what will come, is a reason that the poet Mihaela CD processes and exposes in an open way, as a philosophical exhortation and reflection. „So what are you waiting for? Don’t look for reasons, you don’t have / Make the most of your youth! ”


„The desire to change yourself”, a premise in the soul and mind, a permanent idea, without which you can not break through in life. There is always a change, an improvement, a new path to follow. In this chapter the author presents her ideas with sensitivity, coherence and power to synthesize the content, seeking to reproduce the essentials. The power to change a wrong direction lies primarily in the desire to do it, with all conviction, without looking back, without regretting anything, without persisting in making mistakes. „Would you like to know how you stepped in and how  you got in the opposite direction?”

 „No one” can decide for you, no one is more important to your evolution than yourself, no one has the right to direct your course or decide your goal in life, except yourself. No one knows you better, so only you have the right to live your life, from the position of leader. „No one knows your feelings / Only you and the good God”


 „Happiness” is one of the most beautiful gifts you can receive, as it is closely related to love, but not always a natural consequence of it. Everyone carries happiness in their soul and it only takes a little courage to bring it to light, a different soul mate, from which to receive the feeling of security and closeness you need to be happy. Happiness is different for everyone, for everyone it means something different, but every time, whatever its appearance, it is eagerly awaited and eagerly desired. ”Happiness is worth looking for, even if you are looking for it until the end of life!”

„Fighting” is part of the reality of life, and what is achieved without a fight cannot last, it does not have the same value that we expect. We fight with the world around us, we fight with ourselves, we fight with ideas, with worries, we fight with vices, with monotony. Everything is a struggle, everything is obtained through sacrifice, everything needs perseverance. We believe in ourselves, but we fight with prejudices, with obstacles, our whole existence is marked by the idea of ​​coming out victorious, from a struggle in which we have been engaged since the first whimper. The author sums this up so well in her writing: „Life is a struggle and yet we take risks / We choose, we gather, weep, we sing”


  „Patience”, the only thing that brings peace of mind and success in critical situations, seemingly hopeless. So relevant is every aphorism that Mihaela CD combines with beautifully crafted images and lyrics, adding flavor to motivational ideas, which she so generously spreads. It argues in favor of everything that can be done patiently, even more than with great effort. Ambition and perseverance, hand in hand with patience, have unimaginable powers, the effect of which we can benefit from. „In the face of success you pay homage / Because with patience you can cross the sea”

 „Wisdom”, a quality that you gain from life experience, it is usually the result of it. Wisdom can be gained from one’s own or other people’s experiences, but each lesson can be learned only through true experiences.The author elevates wisdom to the place of honor, along with humanity, considering them the basic qualities of a human’s integrity. „Life experiences lead you/Towards  the birth of  pure values”


„Faith” is a requirement of the soul and the mind, in order to be able to trust in all that we are, in all that we have been given to be. Being very faithful herself, as well as her family, the author sincerely and generously spreads the idea of ​​faith in the divine force, but also in her own strength, in the power of the human mind, in the power of good, which can always overcome evil, always answering with good, even when you receive something bad. „Share well around you / That’s how you do good on earth”

  „The power of love„, a reality and a conviction that we must have, because it is proven at all times, love offers, paradoxically, a force, directly proportional to its sensitivity. For the writer Mihaela CD, love is the purest feeling, more uplifting, more gentle, which can be given and received so generously, creating an unparalleled state of well-being and security. Having the privilege of receiving and giving love, Mihaela CD has the power to highlight the full force of this feeling. And this chapter, like the others so far, has its philosophy, which the author propagates so convincing, simple and natural, taking the liberty of generalizing one’s own feelings. „Love stays in threads of hope / For its role is healing”


  „Miracles” performed at every step, every moment, culminating in the miracle that is life itself on Earth, your life, which you received, for you to be the true miracle. The author arranges her ideas in such a way that their effect is gradually placed towards an impressive end result,a success completed by all this symbiosis between poetry, image and motivational reflection. ”Today you have the fruits of the harvest / The miracle is hidden in you „

„Change!” says the author in the fifteenth chapter of the book, conveying the demand for change for the better, when evolution is hindered by stagnation, mistrust, unbelief, impetus, and the field in which it is required, is part of the essential things of life, reaching the change for the better of your own personality. ”It’s time to choose what you like”

 „Someone else”, a notion with all kinds of interpretations, a consequence of a drastic change, in which the whole spiritual being acquires another personality or an opposition to becoming someone else, by the simple fact that only you are able to decide for the change. The ability to become someone else can be acquired only by going through all the stages of change, yet being well rooted in sound principles and protected by the power of love, faith, goodness, believing in yourself, in your worth and in the miracle that you yourself represent. ”I wonder if it’s me, the same old me / Or if I am completely different, someone else”


 „You are someone”, which could have been the conclusion of the multitude of reflections, gathered in this volume, if not the statement that you, the creature of the divinity, as a human being, have the greatest importance for yourself and your spiritual evolution, you accepted the change because you wanted it, you received your new form of personality, not because it was imposed on you, but because you felt that you are like that.”Today the scene of your life belongs to you by word / And we applaud, because today SOMEONE recites!”

In conclusion, I think I could add that this new volume, created by Mihaela CD, contributes to the realization of an increasingly complex image of the writer and the artist, at the same time. In this book, one feels so well the satisfaction of the soul, the joy and satisfaction of a new achievement, which blends so well with all the previous creations, taking its place as if previously reserved.


Gabriela Raucă – Vienna

Gold Club Member of the magazine Poezii pentru sufletul meu Canada

Member of Writers Association from Neamț county.




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